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allow for there to be no public system in this country has ever shut down and honest people have generation changed on out is era the the hello, this is in these out on alger 0. i'm for the back for live in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. regional lead is called for israel splines, military operation in rafa to be stopped as they meet the us secretary of state and saudi arabia, at least $30.00 to means a kelvin and is really as tried. 25 of them in the drop by the city in southern guys had previously declared a safe story. also this our time malcom web in kenya,

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a 100 people have side in floods the following week to read. so right, this is the side channel of a flowing into this ton of river, which is already busted back. and schools out in the philippines as a heat wave across spots of asia shows no sign of ease and source, submit a site. it's envelopes of one that's us and be a playoff series. and 20 is anthony edwards, the right stuff for c points as i can place, a clean sweep of the phoenix suns, full games and not the it is 15 gmc, thank you for joining us. we begin with renew diplomatic efforts to reach a cease fire in gaza as ease ready bombardment of the strip continues. us secretary of state on to me blinking is in saudi arabia where he's been meeting with regional counterparts. making says there's been measurable progress in the humanitarian

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situation and guys in recent weeks, washington's top different match. this is an urgent need for a ceasefire to stop the suffering of palestinians. and he says, present, joe biden is urging is rather take all necessary steps to prevent city and har as well. and his 7th visit to the region since october blinking has been holding tanks with leaders from the g. c. c on guys, governance and reconstruction. after the war,

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the gulf corporation counseling is calling for israel, its military operation in rossa to be stopped with an immediate choose in gaza. got us prime minister and foreign minister says any escalation of a conflict, threatened space in the region begins, visit, comes as homeless negotiate as i expected to meet the category. and egyptian mediators in cairo of the ongoing talks and consultations and coordination of positions is very important. so posting l strategic relations in dealing with the dangerous situation in the middle east, a lot of efforts must be exhausted to sort out the military escalation. for the sake of all countries in our region, we need to bring peace to the middle east. the international community has failed to find a solution to the palestinian cause. thus we now see the blood seed everywhere and every day and the gaza strip. i'll just say are sasha my virus following all these latest different diplomatic developments. forrest joins us now on the news hour. i

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saw a great deal of diplomacy in the region in cairo, inside you re be a lot of different strands. it would seem, what is a common purpose, what, what is the objective today? the cause of hoping to achieve a ceasefire agreement is with how much and is well of this explains why thomas has dispatched. it's a deputy the need to heidi that high along with a team aided kyla to try to pin down the details of that agreement to save the americans hoping that this could be conducive to something brought to most of it. it's in the region, but also the potential for a broad, the normalization between k out of countries. and these virus now was interesting to here until the blink and saying that these varieties have offered him as an extraordinary generous do of the how much should accept the terms of that? do you have, must have, has been dismissing itself is missing a accusation. it was the name that is saying that the legitimate demands which need

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to be met. the main condition is that there is still a permanent ceasefire. exact event mark is to talk about com. how much says we need an indication of a overseas, by a prolong, seized by a print that is, he's 5. this is something they are trying to pin down or so the little oscar full guarantees of these right arm is going to pull out partially spot the partial to put it. but it withdrawal from does that cause be conducive to a complete put out for the district before they can move themselves. so i find that agreement with is right now i'll be talking to people about the chances for this to happen anytime soon. as i say, yeah, we just, we may cautiously optimistic about the potential for any breaks. so i have to say that frustration has taken over more of that a sense of optimism about a did any time soon. we certainly have heard of some frustration from the mediators from contact for example, which has been involved in these negotiations. they do. yeah, they do it, they've been waiting for the base to happen over the last few months,

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only to see conflicting statements from the different boxes to the point where the capacity is obviously that we might, we can sit the vote as i keep the data. if this doesn't happen, and they also would tell you of that, one of the key reasons why they're frustrated over this because they believe that both parties are using this to for max and the political benefits to the point. why they also say that we can tell clearly if that's for benjamin that and he always political survival is more important to him now that a permanent agreement with us. now another interesting aspect of the meeting in the ad between blinking and the regional liter steps is this idea of normalization latavia radia, which was on the table before we have one guys that'd be gone on october the 7th and it still, it seems being talked about because we heard thinking mention it, but how can they talk about normalization when there is an actual culture. the reason why they would like to see that happen with saudi arabia. it's the

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protective suddenly islam, the most powerful send the nation on us to the how the to holly is places in his la, monica medina. if sondra radia is on board and mobilizes with these riders, you will see many, many model arab and muslim countries. the photo. so now off to october, the 7th attacks the solid is thought to, to make a statement say about basically they would. they would like to wait until these riley solve a palestinian issue. having said that, today, the americans, every year hoping to achieve 2 things. recall successful goes out. this is why they would like to get more financial commitments from calculations. but ultimately, the final go along with the normalization is to have a consensus among out of nations, particularly the gulf countries. that's a new policy. new pharmacy is going to be tasked with ticket, overt goza. and that's how much is era comes to an anti shim? thank you very much. always good to get your insight on all this. hush him. i had a buyer. now let's go straight to our correspondence. another voc respondents,

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bernard smith was unoccupied. easter was and bennett as we heard from action there . i'm also allegation, due in cairo for the ceasefire. talk sort of resuming. what about these relays? will they be joining of the will these riley's have a delegation ready to go to cairo tomorrow? that's tuesday. that depends on what the response from home us to israel is. proposal a is you heard that again onto the blinking cord and get an extraordinary jet book, extra, ordinarily generous proposal. now it's understood that these riley's are asking for a few isn't about 40 of the 130 also captives being held by how much i didn't return for the release palestinian prisoners. and that will be a move to a 2nd phase of a truce, which will offer this a period of sustained. com. a wedding is very important that because we know that how much has been insisting throughout previous tools that they've got

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a complete end to hostilities. and the removal of is riley forces from gaza. so the palestinians can return to the homes, particularly in the north of gaza. so will is offer all of a period of sustained calm. be enough for how mass a considering that they've been asking this pub and ceasefire. we expect to hear what, how much have to say in the next a coming 24 hours or so. ultimately it's up to you i should want to say is lead to in gaza. he always has the final call on this thing. thank you very much, brian. it's brenda smith, $314.00 deadline from occupied east jerusalem. now on the ground in gaza is really a tax scale at least 30 palestinians in a matter of hours. most of them in rough on monday morning, as strike on a home in the southern city kills 9 members of the same family, including a baby witness to say. many of the victims were displaced, palestinians taking shelter for the night and warning you may find some of the

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images interlacing juarez report distressing of the. 4 in duty man, and he's rescued from the 2nd floor of a boomed residential tower. his life sped, but left with lifelong moons. many of those at this neighborhood in rough or whatnot is lucky. and the loved ones they've left behind cannot imagine moving forward. have been the doctor's rush to help the injured, despite the liquid resources amidst the chaos on the hospital floor. richard

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the cries in pain. the man who rescued fees that she's been opened in the business, the daughter of my maid, them are coming up with the so far it seems she's the only survivor from her family . the only survivor from the home that was targeted are risk. you to choose literally just hanging there on the balcony. the attacks on civilians are this talk reality of the life in gaza. even a seized by a talks resume even nearby egypt. but the loss of lives in gaza is unrelenting. the leaving many, the besieged strip inconsolable felix new r o g 0. the. and let's get the latest now from terry. god bless them. who is in a rough fight in southern guys, a force yet more deadly is really strikes,

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tarry at targeting rock more anguish as we saw there, and bravo. so for supposed to be a safe. so and, and yet it is and talk to us about what's been been happening in these last few hours. yes. yes again and again and again, russell has been attacked by the use verify suggest a where a bank or a coach rolanda in the past. couple of minutes have been targeted by these verify to jets with no casualties being reported till now. part of the night strikes on within this, then out of this morning, more strikes had targeted to richard and show houses that all 4 of the factories will have been multiple displaced from multiple areas. of course, the cat tree we're talking about more than 20 palestinians have to report that killed in rough, overly, um at natalie toppin has strikes. not even, indeed a whole range of that used by the surveillance of drones in the central um, even of the western part of the city as people have been feeling

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a completely on safe in that area. despite the repeated judging by the use, by the military, for residents in the north, to seek refuge in the south as the vast majority of those being killed. well, women and children as people who have been wounded out, right, not receiving treatments in rough ice barely functional hospital including a coin to and from that to our hospital in the eastern part of roof, our districts ought to now. roof has not been the only place that has been targeted by the fight to get the box. within the past hour we've been recording more strikes and almost a rush refuge account where residential house was completely destroyed, where at least 3 palestinians have been killed in that attack with a number of injuries. who have been right now medically treated in a i was a hospital and also in the middle or in the, another part of the territories specifically. and the fact neighborhood one palestinian has been killed with a number of things jury is being recorded of a military driven attack that target to the residential flash in such areas where

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palestinians are completely suffering from the deadly consequences of this. these ongoing strikes us casualties amongst civilians continue to rise without any late talk till now in the fight to know in the tax by the has been military topic. thank you for the update. tara capitalism, reporting deadline from rossa in southern gaza is really media reporting an escalation on the northern border with 11 on base 813 nissan. so i've been launched from lebanon towards israel, is in a harder is falling developments from marsh i, you and in southern lebanon, the 11 on is well front is very much linked to developments in gaza. has well i did open up this front to help it's ally home us and guys have back in october and it has repeatedly said it will not hold the fighting until there's a permanent ceasefire in place in gaza. now there has been an intensification in this conflict in the confrontation in recent days. and this has become really a pattern every time there was

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a renewed diplomatic push or whether interact negotiations between as well and how mass reach some sort of a turning point. if there's some sort of progress on each side, you know, raises the bar to strength and it's negotiating position on the table. now, hezbollah has made it clear it's ready to hold the fighting, but as well, stance is not clear, as well has repeatedly said, it will not stop a tax unless hezbollah pulls up a pulls away a few kilometers from the border. now the united states has been mediating in this conflict and was hausten is in israel. he may be coming to be rude soon, but only if there is progress and talks in gaza. now what, what he will try to do is put in place association of hostilities to allow negotiations to begin. so there will be tough negotiations. you know, whether or not as well i will agree to pull back from the border. that's unclear. will the lebanese army redeploy in southern lebanon and create a del, demilitarized zone, and area free of fighters and weapons?

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now, this cannot happen until there is a permanency fire in gaza. and if that doesn't happen, then the 11 on as route front will remain an active front line. then for their elza theater, southern lebanon, the, the found to have a world news. and that nice 40 people have been killed after a down verse 6 banks in a town north of can use capital. and i will be water from the old guy down washed away houses and cut off a major road search and rescue efforts on the way slice caused by unusually heavy rains. i've killed thousands of people across the software since march. and that's all i have to address here is catherine sawyer, in nicole county, which is where the down 1st. so you're near the scene of the collapse them. catherine, tell us about the situation there. what's the latest?

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yes, a mazda seen and people are devastated. people are in shock, many of them are trying to solve age, whatever they can do. that stuff, how many they're, they are trying to remove this furniture. they are closed and they don't even know where they're going, where they're going to sleep to night. now rescue me a f plus is still going on, but it has been raining, it just started rating. so that is going to be hampered and we spoke to some of the family members about what happened. they said this incident happened at around 3 am low time, and they just, they were sleeping and they just had visa, loud, rumble. and um, then some of them tried to get house. uh to see what's happening. and then that was, uh, this was uh that in golf. some of them, um, some managed to its s k for many uh, did not make it. uh,

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42 people sofa i have the bodies have been recovered there. is that in the morgue? and we have also. 7 been told that people are being told to move uh to higher brown . uh, but like i said, they are having sleepless nights. they don't know where they're going to sleep tonight. and what they'll also telling us is what happened is that to the, the reason the dumb out for the hills that broke it's vance. this is what the cause. and this was that came gushing down the, you know, a seasonal stream. and it came with us suassa stones and you know, fish, huge trees that will approve that. so you can imagine the full, the this was that came with. so right now people like i said,

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are morning there is shock. and that is trying to figure out the next move where they're going to go to sleep and also just where they're going to it's and just to deal with the trauma, they say that they have been facing. catherine, thank you very much for your reporting. that sounds easier as catherine story reporting, they have from nicole county in kenya, and i'll just hear as malcolm web is east of 9, will be at another time at risk of overflowing. this is the flow tunnel of the missing of them. just st. catherine, in the west of the healy items that make up central kenya. that's where the theme to read. to write in the last couple of weeks. flash floods in nairobi, killing dozens of people. now we're in the water running all sides. highlands is coming this way into a series of reservoirs, and the one just up here above us on this slide is full to capacity of the capacity to not just say i'd like to meet as

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a non fiber was guessing down this channel. it's one of a series of several times as a government fuzzy says, all of them. now food either failed at one of the schools that runs down into the kind of a very the longest river in kenya and its sweet through the plains of eastern kenya through a couple of key towns through dozens of villages in which lived thousands of people reform on the river bank, these people who the government has said need to evacuate immediately. who was found to be the has already passed the bank in some places, including the town of curious where the costs of the main highway from the capital . i'd be to give a, so not a problem to people to try and cross the toner into the raging tone insights instead, because they can no longer access the highway. we'll get to the bridge. now it's in video that we've seen from sunday. then what does the boat struggling to get across

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loaded with many people? it's cool. i strong in colorado and then they said it in the local authorities that had more than 20 people have died. that body is recovered or many more still missing. now this is the kind of challenges to people having to deal with down stream, just for transport, say thousands of people who fall along the banks of about who fish that these of that home doesn't have any way to go. visits if those faces just at the end of last year when they suffered from flooding following torrential rains. and that came off the back of one of the worst drought region had seen in decades. staying in africa. voting is on the way in to go in parliamentary and regional elections, which the opposition is calling for strong turn off for political tension has been rising since the approval of a controversial new constitution and a series of confound on opposition. protests,

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critics say the reforms will allow president forecasting bay to extend his families . becky's don grip on power. the president's party says the new system is more democratic. that spring in, i'll just here is nicholas hawk who's following the vote for us from senegal is in the car. so nick, a, an election that comes in the midst of political tensions in total are people turning out devote trust as well. the polls open fully just at 7 o'clock local time has been 6 hours since the pulling stations have been opened and it's going to close. they're going to close in 3 hours time. and so far there has been a pretty low turn out to this much anticipated and controversial legislative election and election that was delayed several times. the last time they took place was in 2018. and during those elections, while the opposition boycotted the vote, this time there was a campaigning and we saw the campaign. but as you mentioned,

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all of this has been overshadowed by this amendment or this tweak or this change made to the constitution quite a big change because it would change turbo for presidential system to a parliamentary system. and with that stick is really the rule of the for it. and yes, same date dennis t fully, they've been in power for the last 61 year. they're the longest serving dennis t after kim john, you from north korea. and so perhaps the reason why people have not come out to vote, it's perhaps to show a protest towards the guessing base family. others are confused. are they voting for religious the zipcode election? or is this a referendum to show their support towards this constitutional change? for me, so yeah, quite confusing. i imagine for voters, is there a risk maker of violence in these elections and what are the risks to the why the region as well. there are 2 threats external and internal and

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external threats for as well to go shares, a border with breaking of fossa, where our groups linked to al qaeda and i still are active. in fact, there's been several attacks in the past intrusion within to ago and they've made a no, they made it clear that they want to expand their reach and reach to coastal african countries including togo at there's internal threats to because there was a growing resentment towards the 4 and guessing bait regime ahead of the selection, 5 leading fingers of the opposition were arrested this an election that's taking place where the land borders has been shot. there hasn't been any foreign media allowed to observe. the selection of the catholic church has tried to go out and act as a mediator. as an independent observer. they were prevented to do so at these pulling

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station. so it is an election that's taking place in unusual circ*mstances in a country where there is both internal and external threats. but most importantly at stake is best the ability of the region and the stability and democracy of toko nicole in the car synagogue. thank you very much, nick. this have a heat wave, scorching south and southeast asia is forecast to continue until the middle of next month. thousands of people have died from hates related illnesses. in the philippines. schools have been suspended for in person classes and the government has issued guidelines to protect workers from the heat bonnet. below reports from manila of thousands of schools into philippines, already shot for weeks ordered to stay closed for a few more days, possibly longer. exceptionally hot weather is expected to last until mid may. but while students are able to escape the heat, millions of forking filipinos aren't so lucky. some have to endorse scorching

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temperatures during their commute while others have to spend a day outdoors in the glare of deciding. jerry flores installs and maintains security cameras around vanilla, before or even then it's hot to now than last year. the sun's up all the time, but work mis got on local say in recent days, the heat has become almost unbearable. the temperature sore to nearly 39 degrees celsius here in manila on sunday. that's the hottest on record for the philippine capital. but the heat index, the temperature that we actually feel when humanity is factored in was 45 degrees celsius. one town to the north reached the high of 53. the labor department has issued an advisory urgent employer, so a top measures to help workers quote from providing water and protective gear to offering flexible hours and work from home options. the manager at the construction

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site says the company has already made adjustments. you'll 15 minutes, 15 minutes, as we've told them, they can open not to take that to 50 minute breaks and restaurant in time on the huff during lunch time, instead of buying the total. but labor rights advocates say the government needs to take things one step further in order companies to comply. this is not just for this year. well we, we are expecting to experience of raising them pictures is the coming years because so you know, the blind be changed effects of the facts that are being felt across the region in india. as dr. port zoo animals are being fed ice cream and watermelons and in thailand, about 30 people have died due to the extreme heat, philippines, as also recorded several debts. but by keeping schools close, forties are hoping to limit further fatalities. find it below al jazeera minute and

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dial jeremy's here ologist, while mckelly has more now on the hate wave. we are in the 11th months wills, wide of reco breaking temperatures, lemons consecutive months where the average time of the world has been. hi, this have been recorded and to add to that because that's the level and to add to that we have this regular feature of l d in your where the halt is fuel. so in the pacific move away from the philippines, right? no mistakes towards the central pacific, the right has the effect of changing the weather patterns over the entire world. we have indeed been focusing in asia, but africa has been effective and using the stream with all over the place. now it hasn't been the effects of the wet season, it's still raining in engine easier. we've had floods from the east, but it's dry season now in the philippines, and particularly in these on the right, you might see a little class here which might promise a shower. this particular reservoir, which is east of the capital, is down to below 50 percent. now, so say it's dry season and they have a crop of filling, or at least it should have done with an average,

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right in full last season. we have to see what happens this year. now the philippines on the loan and having such hot weather. and although many of the hangs onto maybe $36.00 degrees, just shy of it's recently broke or record vietnam joined in with me in my town to be helpful kat broker of record in march, it is still halting me and my didn't thailand and to add to the tools as you probably know, the eastern side of india and find a dash on folks under warnings for he twice. still. i had on the news hour was there was time for me. the, i'm sorry, your input is low. how and these really attack on a, for tennessee clinic in guys that has destroyed trains of power in search for hundreds of palestinians. south korea cues, as no afraid of main land mines in the 10 minutes arrived. so in between the 2 countries and the new york rangers holiday waiting to the 2nd von and the payoffs general have the details in the

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unique perspective. why is it the doctors don't get to have a say in any of the medical workforce has been so and devalued by the british government for such a little time on hub boyce's, tick tock had been a place for organizing politically for getting people to vote for getting people to protest, connect with our community and tap into conversations you weren't find elsewhere. why is our government taking us to work on the basis of live? we the public has to get out there and do something about it. the stream announces era. the latest news as it breaks a lot, our mouth x ray of yours more power city on voted over 3 of the there i did it is, are large. the last, you know, not a president and more with in depth for pools. the scale this summit was something they've never seen before. from the heart of the story, almost $500.00 me to come work is have them killed inside because this trip putting

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more pressure on health care system that tens of thousands rely on the the the welcome back and recap a lot time stories on how to 0 this news, our renew diplomatic pushes on the way to reach a cease fire in gaza. us secretary of state on to the blinking is inside your idea of where he's meeting with regional counterparts. he says the screen progress getting more 8 into guys, prod, israel must do more on the ground in guy series of he's really a tax scale that research about us to use in a matter of hours on monday morning, women and children are a month, a dead and attack on home inbox,

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i can't 9 members of the same family. and in kenya, search and rescue efforts on the way after a danverse, hispanics in a town north of the capital, nairobi at least 40 people what counts when water from the old coach, idaho damn swept away. now, student protests set us college campuses against his roswell, on gaza, showing no sign of abating. hundreds of demonstrators have been arrested since the protests began nearly 2 weeks ago. the counting on universities to cut ties with israel and an end to us military. h as go live to, i'll just here as christian salumi who's at columbia university in new york, where the demonstrations began 2 weeks ago. what's the latest from the christian and those negotiations to end of the demonstrations, the well here at columbia university, the stand up between the administration and the demonstrators continues. there are a couple 100 students still in their tents on the main line of the campus behind me

4:33 pm

here this morning, the president of the university. i'm a new shot to put out a statement. acknowledging that the negotiations have broken down between the administration and the student protesters. she said very clearly in this announcement, university will not for me is real. and that of course, is one of the biggest demands of the demonstrators here. and at other campuses, frankly, across the united states, the president said that they did offer the university did offer to review the student's recommendation for a more socially responsible investing process. and also they offered to donate money to education in gaza and open up the process of education overseas to more people who can't afford it. they say that there are been good

4:34 pm

talks and good discussions. but again, this key demand of divesting from israel is something that they are not budging on . and something that the students have said is a red line for that. so. 9 this morning that is where we're at. the stand off continues, there is no plans to send them to police the university says, but they're also asking the students to be voluntarily, especially considering that graduation is coming on may 15th and they want to have the lawn clear for graduation. so that is where things are with the stand as moment . yeah. and what about other universities? christian, what about the demonstrations that faces like g w or all even in california? the yeah, absolutely. the demonstrations have spread across continue to do so we're seeing new ones pop up around the country. not all campuses

4:35 pm

are being a tower. and so this is having the students on the campus. we know they're the rest over the weekend that indiana university and northeastern university in boston. here in new york, at least 5 schools are having demonstrations ongoing at this time. all right, kristen, thank you very much. we can here to demonstrate is in the background christian salumi live for us at columbia university in new york. in december and explosion from news really shall blasted the lives of 5 liquid nitrogen tanks and guys as largest for today to clinic. it destroyed thousands of embryo stored inside, and with them the dreams of numerous palestinians trying to have a child. julie diego spoke to one woman who had embryos in the facility. 4000 embryos, potential lives destroyed by a single is really strike. taking with it the hoops of hundreds of palestinians.

4:36 pm

the natural i've this mazda is one of them, but this isn't the 1st time as roles will as close to great suffering. imagine since i had my son i need of to 12 years of i v f trans, and he was my hope in this life view as my whole life, especially since i lost my mother when i was pregnant with heidi, is there and took him away from me along with my whole like not to of many of us my i vs center had received. he is physically and psychologically draining treatment. a process with time is a privilege duct tape, a l d guy, the me who found at the clinic. i'm just now on his way to egypt to help others struggling with infertility. told us so many it was that last chance about tough of them. we never have to that again. to was there was the time for me spending, sorry, your input is low as if you say to someone so that the money will die.

4:37 pm

i would say, i would think maybe this can resemble an additional $1000.00 specimens of spam, an unfair sliced eggs were destroyed in that same is really strike. an example of the unseen. told is rolls militarist thoughts. natural left garza and his nell speaking treatment and control that says it's clear israel doesn't one policy needs to exist. he had a section in 5000 dreams, 5000 hopes of motherhood. of course this is part of the occupation skin. what they do not want to see any new boys and girls, though, they want to carry over when the pain of loss is every way you look and garza nachos and dr. kelly, momentarily flooded, was, and the both share the hopes of one day returning and rebuilding guitar has been at the forefront of countries. providing medical assistance to,

4:38 pm

to simeon is from garza, but as well as destruction as a facility clinic and the embryos strikes. it's a very cool of paula signed a rule that is wiping out generations on preventing future ones. judy vega, ours is 0. so ha, and avenue south korea has accused north korea laying mines along a road in the dom militarized zone between the 2 countries. south korea say states military detective, the mines being placed in an unpaid road inside the zone near arrowhead help ensure one officials in sole say the action is the latest in a series of most to shut down roads that cost a border. rob mcbride is following developments from so this seems to be another step by north korea to further permanently seal the border between north and south and also suffering any chances. it seems a reconciliation the south apparently detected at the signs of the mines being laid

4:39 pm

on this particular track at the end of last year. this is a track that accesses a hillside that was the scene of fighting during the korean war with a view to assuming the remains of soldiers full repacked creation. this was all part of a 2018 military agreement between north and south. it was signed when relations were improving on, which is old, but a memory now as well as taking steps against this particular track. the north has also been taking measures to permanently c, last 2 paved roads which had been used for cooperation projects. going to the extent of actually removing street lighting from roads on its side of the boat. meanwhile, the north is also being re establishing god posts which had been removed in recent years. with it seems the south of taking similar measures on its side of the bold.

4:40 pm

all of this, it continues, the policy old is a trend of the freezing relations between north and south with kim jong on making the i his stated intention that there are no chances now of unification with the south run, the pride, i'll just say a wrestle ukraine surprised it enters a painting for fast to delivery of us weapons as russian forces make gains on the battlefield. last week, the us congress approved a new, a package of $61000000000.00 for ukraine. as get more on this with john home and who's in key for is the head of nato's insulting burg, was in the training capital today. what was discuss exactly john. a scared was a surprise visit from the chief of night. so let's you said president as a landscape, ready to use the opportunity to say, well, now we've been promised weapons, especially in a 61000000000 dollar military,

4:41 pm

a package from the united states. those need to arrive as quickly as possible. he said some of those weapons had started to arrive in the country. be also noticed, noted that this was a point when russian forces could really use this window when they were out shelling ukrainian forces and out stripping them in a power as well to attack as much as they could. we found out just yesterday, from a statement from the ukranian, had to be on full season 3 villages in the south, west of the country, south east of the country, sorry, ukrainian forces had taught to retreat from them and brushing force were attacking along that front line he was concerned about that the head of knighthood again stopped, but was king to try and reassure to say that the we is, i lies a with you to say that eventually ukraine's places and nights. so the few on look cuz i expect that top until off to this conflict, depending on how it turns out. you mentioned interesting late, the idea that there would be

4:42 pm

a multi year financial assistance. agreed. few crime. so it wouldn't be dependent on every time a new, a package being agreed that think that depends on a lot of different factors. so we've been that night to the nights, our alliance and joe and john on a separate development in a separate development. i should say, protesting farm is in poland as i called off a month long demonstration at border crossings between poland and ukraine, reminders what that protest was about and why it's now ended still that protests has been going on for some months. now. i'm published pharma groups and those are totally struggle groups were annoyed. the problem is because they said that they believe that ukrainian grain was coming into the country. and because some of it was saying that was depressing the prices of their own products because you crating grain was cheaper among of agricultural products, publish trucking groups. some of them was saying that they were angry because

4:43 pm

a ukrainian truck is crossing the border in poland, where exempt from atomic. what the ponies government did earlier this month is to announce subsidies to publish a fall most particularly in terms of grain of more than $500000000.00. and that seems to have helped this process. now the ukranian porter service has also said that there will be restrictions on ukrainian truck is going through the web state imposing that have to treat as a country purely of trends it. so for now, that seems to resolve this problem and we'll have to wait to see if it's enough to stop protesting or up to your guy in the future. john holeman and keith, thank you very much. i, as a thousands of people have marched, will georgia's capital t, please see calling on the government has crop a divisive bail. critics of the so called for an agent spell say it is also a terry and, and could house georgia's funds to join the european union barbara and go by high

4:44 pm

cities the days of antique government protest and george's capital tbilisi, a gaining momentum organized by opposition. parties and write scripts, the former soviet republic, the aim to force the governing party to drop the set code for an agent spell demonstrate to say it's so for terry and, and similar to a little russia use this to crush defense is jeremy uh, most i want to show the position of my family, no, to russia, a pulse and futures, and you're because we need the european justice and european or the way the system . so if the people are not the other way around, the system doesn't serve the people. as we do, the proposed legislation would require organizations receiving more than 20 percent of the funding from abroad to register as far as the agents will face find. they are hungry so such and yours have done so much good for georgia and now they face

4:45 pm

being secret stigmatized. it also proposed to me to shut down because in law, i use the power maybe maybe say over the process shot in your head or their depression. the european union has wound passing. the bill could undermine george's bed to join the block. it was granted the candidate status in december. the government pa to georgia. dream has a majority in parliament, allowing it to approve lose. would that opposition m p support? it can also very done a presidential veto. should pro you president selling is there are bush really blocks the bill even. so the pots here now it says earned riley on monday to show up support before a 2nd reading of the bill and paul element, a barbara, and good luck. i'll just say with scotland as far as minister, how does the use of has announced the stepping down?

4:46 pm

he was set to face to motions of no confidence optic power sharing agreements collapse last week. after spending the weekend reflecting on what is best for my potty for the government, for the country i lead, i've concluded that repeating a relationship across the political divide can only be done with someone else at the hill. i have therefore informed us in peace, national secretary of my intention to stand the spotty leader and ask that she commences a leadership contest for my replacement as soon as possible as get more on this now with the marce who's covering the story from london. so how does the use of has gone now? what happens next then? what sort of is the old about parliamentary mass in the scottish parliament? his scot, this national pa, cbs, and p have just 63 members on parliament. a majority need 65. and so in order

4:47 pm

to be able to govern the needs to be at least one or 2 members of other policies, willing to work with whoever the fmc this goes, this national bought the elect as the new lead. what you said was announced, is it that process will continue. now he will remain in place essentially as a can take the 1st minister until his policy elects a new leader. if that new data can come on a working majority in the parliament, things will continue if that's not possible and none of the other parties want to work with us and be off. what's happened over the last week? that will be a fresh set of elections within $28.00 days being cold. okay, thank you for the update. vin and mazda live there in london, a staying i had on use our party time in milan is newly crowned champions. interest celebrates with their funds that's coming up next with jennings wants to stay with the

4:48 pm

4:49 pm

time that the source is jemma. thank you. fully the minnesota to 10 volts of one the 1st and be a playoff series. and 20 is anthony edwards was the star of the shows. they completed a full and i think routes of the phoenix suns 22 year old edwards at school 40 points. i've called on to the towns out of $28.00. the temples of winning this 1122 to 116 and must now wait to see if they will face the defending champions. the denver nuggets or the sounds of these lakers in the next round. then the 3 went up in that series to it wasn't all good news, so i'm gonna start today that coach chris finch was taken out by one of his own

4:50 pm

players on the sidelines. mike connelly crunched into him late in the full school. so i have to be helps of the quotes finished receive treatment on his right. may i please call him such as by the facts he and his team have won the series to the milwaukee bucks off, struggling without the injured damien. the let and you have a sensitive component didn't help when bobby pulled his judy, it was a jack said against the indiana pacers for a punch. the succeeded paces, went on to win again to take a 31 series lead. it means the bucks who a 3rd saves most now with 3 games in a row to advance, to replace on this with the new mix, all just a went away from round series and run some score. next playoffs, record 47 points and has tennessee as a to see 6, the 76 is instead of alpha. today, 31 ahead in the series, game 5 is in new york on thursday. and it's all squared between the classes and dallas mavericks. the quickest, real way assess one point lead in gainesville, but held onto in 116. it's a 111 who george and james hodges in school,

4:51 pm

especially 3 points. the series is now tied up to 2 so the probably like title race is still in manchester. cities hands off, so they beat and i'll 2nd forrest to remain one points of lead as also with a game and hand city took the lead in the fast hoff. kevin, the point is corner headed in by defend that you'll sca vallario. probably holland have missed the games with injury who came off the bench off with the right to score 60 seconds. if that saw the or the side with the remaining full game, say we, we champions for an unprecedented full season in the right. but so also shows that not going anywhere. they beat them is really no funds in job a. as far as i'm going to gave also the least hope because back of the way side it seen a lot kind of habits made. it is 3 now before half time as also was seemingly cruising . but that will change off of the break, and the state from guilty said david riah was punished by christie and with our sets and rice then gave away lights and penalties. putnam cas consumption men

4:52 pm

stepped up at the school. the spot kicked to give us some heights such also held on for 32 victory. actually, they might do that. so as most of the carry, the lead yourselves just understand that we have to be better. we want to be better that i might do for improvement and go again, i guess almost that's going to be really tough quote. prefer they lost it or cannot control what they do. they make a, a good result and and but yes, we're going to left. so i think is going to lose any, any point. so and we know exactly what you have to do present in defense to talk i still if i have confirmed he will leave chelsea at the end of the season. the 39 year old is the oldest access play over the premier league and will leave the club after full seasons, during which he won. the champions league duty crowned his syriac champions into the line and have been celebrating with the funds that a parade through the city and to secure that 20th italy. and the title was victory

4:53 pm

over the biggest rivals. ac milan. last monday, alons eye clinic due on a cassandra was list help with so as i'm silex, as the policy went along into the nights, into and be sent in 28, leaking the form is spanish, but well president louis will be out as has appeared in courts as a suspects in a corruption, pride is alleged to have received legal commissions during his time and judge when to go straight to video to meet the spanish difficult to saudi arabia. the be all as will say, face as a set for sexual assault, charles, the kissing class. and he, i most say without consent following spain's well comp, when he denies wrong doing in both cases the bottom one, a guess field tech is looking an openness for them ahead of the front choice entry on tech will go for a sub straight. so i sell it right and girls next month, i'd have preparations look to be going well the well, the full time graphs i'm champion has a 3 into the course of finals of the madrid open. she on tech dropped to just one game and a 6. 1 is 6 love when of a spain, sorry,

4:54 pm

3 best. tillman. 2022 and the dread champion almost to but has also reached the quarter finals, the tennessee and he's been struggling with a knee injury for a night seed. elaine of japan, co 6 loved 6 full, so that will face us safe and champion k take off or madison please. next in the men's tournament says he to daniel medford app is applicants, american its sebastian quarter right now it was quarter. you took the opening, set 75, met of it as i hit fax to take the 2nd in a tie break. say that all now into a decider with the place in the last 16 at stake, alec fund of, of like a wait. so when the new york ranges have books that place in the 2nd round of the n h l. playoffs a full to enable the washington capitals and showed a for nothing suite of the series alternate financing. with the go ahead go early in the 3rd period and then the jack rosalie bit, wrapped up with a late emptiness of the ranges. faced the carolina hurricanes on the rifles,

4:55 pm

the items in the 2nd round of what a game between the vancouver canucks and natural predators brought the best of squared his best hop tricking the playoffs as will say, the settlement of his career to a face. those came late to, sorry, the game at 33 in full, a full time, a sub coming in, just a 6.2 seconds left on the clock. 4 minutes into the additional period. ellis lind, homes full time to come up. a full 3 went on, the 9th and a 31 series, late april. the houston astros have time of the colorado rockies 8. 2 in mexico use . this is the 2nd of a 2 game series being played. any mexican capital is our major. the basically takes game with ashley, he's kind of talk about his in his 2nd time, but it has many days against the same opponents as we will. definitely thank you very much for that. now dozens of displace palestinians in southern gaza have held a football tournament to push for an interview as will on the territory. 50 teenagers faced each other to encourage grey is around the world to call for a ceasefire. if to send good fold has the story. and unusual match kicks off in

4:56 pm

this camp for the displaced in the alpha, 50 palestinian teenagers are playing for the wind. but their goal goes far beyond the pitch. this even is that sporting events. it's about tennessee to send the message for all of the war. us can close these fight out for ending the war and ending the south. i don't know, which is the end goal is a split fans, young and old, have come to cheer them on the offer is now home to more than 600000 children and their families displaced by the war. and it's where he's rarely forced to say, they're planning a new ground offensive. most of gauze has major football stadiums have been damaged, turned into open air and tournament camps for palestinian detainees, or simply destroyed. and these rarely bombardment has thrown young players into displacement and poverty with ms. vega and then the model has an in

4:57 pm

a previously paid for palestine to live take team. but this was death to stay to the future. despite receiving several offers to play for clubs outside the country, including in libya, vietnam, i couldn't accept them due to the current circ*mstances traveling from here to egypt, costs around $5000.00, which is an exorbitant amount given the current situation and organized by an american charity this match is held to rally football fans around the world shall because the news, our people deserve respect and have the rights to live. despite the destruction and siege the palace to mean people never failed to show resilience and not determined to live with looming threats to further attacks on that offer. young palestinians hoping the beautiful game can help them reach a peaceful future. if to some good food, all g 0 and that is in use our for now on out to 0, but to stay with us, i'll be back in just

4:58 pm

a few minutes with more on today's top stories. thank you for watching. the, the humanity has opened the gates of hell into seats is having orlando's effects as the world discusses how to reduce emissions. supposing an existential threat to humanity, a new oil rush is displacing. you've got the people empower, investigates, the relationship between the mikey oil giants of the global notes and the developing nations of the global south crude mistake. talk to one of 2 on the jersey to for calculus. refugees, english channel is more than a body of water. it's the final spring and the desperate journey a remarkable 1st time the account of a young tracy onto the same is brother's life,

4:59 pm

as he sofas least sold to provide for his family. this the vote scare us with this on that just now let me tell you about safari, you called result the past of its kind in west africa. we were surrounded by a wild life. from the moment we entered a coupon. occupied right now able to practice what the now be used. only look, just very close here, like come in here, sits on within large tears face of a look in my private now. thanks royal, i can also offer somebody probably equal, restored to being gone. you 8, the euro. 2024 is getting closer. great savings away. you good now to the euro, early the adults to get up to 3 month free subscription or reset till poor

5:00 pm

experience. the great is supposed to give a jump, the exclusive b b. the regional need is calling for israel supply and operation in rockford to be stopped as they meet the us secretary of state in south jersey. the they're watching l g 0 live from don't have with me for the back people. also i had at least 30 palestinians, i killed and these really strikes 25 of them in by 5 the 16 southern gaza, previously declared to say so also ahead malcolm.

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