How To Make Your Own Anointing Oil At Home (Anointing Oil Recipe) (2024)

Looking for how to make your own anointing oil at home? Then, you’ve come to the right place! This anointing oil recipe is easy, lasts for a while, and is biblically inspired.

In this article, I’ll cover four things for you: The 5 ingredients in the anointing oil, a prayer to consecrate anointing oil, how to use your holy oil at home, and how to anoint yourself with holy oil.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my instructions on how to do a house blessing prayer. It is a complete guide with bible verses, commonly answered questions, and specific prayer points.

I made this exact anointing oil myself a while ago, and I still have it sitting on my altar. I only use it for healings and anointing myself or others for prayer. This is very important.

I’ll be doing an article soon on the essentials of a prayer room and how to place an altar in your home. Be sure to keep a lookout for that if you are interested.

I’m glad that you’re here! Lets’ get into how to make your own anointing oil at home. Happy healing! How To Make Your Own Anointing Oil At Home (Anointing Oil Recipe) (1)

This article is all about how to make your own anointing oil at home: anointing oil recipe

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How To Make Your Own Anointing Oil At Home: What are the 5 Ingredients in Anointing Oil

Below are the five ingredients you will need to make your own anointing oil at home along with the biblical scripture reference.

4 of your ingredients will be essential oils, and you want to make sure to use a reputable company. Check out my doTERRA essential oils review, and why I’ve used them for the past 4 years. Check it out here.

  1. Myrrh essential oil
    1. 24 drops of myrrh oil
  2. Cinnamon essential oil
    1. 12 drops of cinnamon oil
    1. You can substitute the oil for actual cinnamon sticks that will be left in the oil mixture.
  3. Fragrant cane/ Calamus oil
    1. 12 drops
    1. This is not easy to find
    1. Can be substituted with the following: frankincense oil, lemongrass, CBD, or clove essential oil.I used clove for mine
  4. Cassia essential oil
    1. 24 drops of cassia essential oil
    1. Not to be confused with cinnamon oil
  5. Olive oil
    1. 4-8 ounces (depending on how much you want to make)
    1. Use organic cold-pressed extra virgin!
    1. This will be your carrier oil

*You will also need a glass jar, vile, or bottle with a top to keep your anointing oil recipe in. Below is a picture of the one I used for mine.

These ingredients come from Exodus 30:22-24. A recipe given to Moses straight from God. Read more in detail here.

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Anointing Oil Biblical Reference

22Then theLordsaid to Moses,23“Take the following fine spices:500 shekels[a]of liquid myrrh,half as much (that is, 250 shekels) of fragrant cinnamon,250 shekels[b]of fragrant calamus,24500 shekelsof cassia—all according to the sanctuary shekel—and a hin[c]of olive oil. 25Make these into a sacred anointing oil, a fragrant blend, the work of a perfumer.It will be the sacred anointing oil

To be clear the recipe found in the bible above was designed to make A LOT of anointing oil, probably for hundreds of people.

For instance, 500 shekels of myrrh equals 12 pounds, 250 shekels of cinnamon equals 6 pounds, 250 shekels of calamus equals 6 pounds, 500 shekels of cassia equals 12 pounds, and a hin of olive oil equals 1.72 gallons.

Because you will be making you in smaller doses, the amount of ingredients needed has been decreased to fit our needs in today’s time.

Also, fragrant calamus is not an easy oil to come by, some studies argue that it’s a form of cannabis (read more here).

Because of this, you can substitute the calamus oil for clove oil, frankincense, CBD oil, or lemongrass. I personally used whole cloves for my holy anointing oil.

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Prayer To Consecrate Anointing Oil (Anointing Oil Prayer)

Heavenly father by the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the power of his blood, I consecrate, dedicate, and set apart this special oil for anointing and healing anyone for anything at any time for any Christian purposes according to your will. I do this in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Lord, send the anointing power of the Holy Spirit to consecrate and bless this oil as holy anointing oil, so that it may be effective in its use.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

How To Use Your Holy Oil At Home

When using your anointing oil at home it is important to remember that the power is not in the oil but in the faith behind your prayers and ultimately your faith in the blood of Jesus.

Jesus tells us in John 14:12, “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father”.

We also see that in Luke 10:19, that Jesus has given us the authority over all the power of the enemy. Yes, you are more powerful than Satan!

19“Behold,I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and overall the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

When you are anointing yourself or someone with your holy oil, remember these two truths and operate in the power that you hold.

Without faith, this is simply a nice glass bottle filled with olive oil and warm fragrances.

On the other hand, with faith, this becomes a powerful tool for healing and anointing.

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Do’s & Don’ts: How To Make Your Own Anointing Oil At Home

Do’s For Your DIY Holy Anointing Oil

  1. Do store it in a cool dark place at room temperature (this helps it to last longer)
  2. Keep it in a glass container with a top of your choice (nothing plastic) (dropper is optional)
  3. Your holy anointing oil needs to be treated as sacred, special, and only used for healing, consecration, and anointing’s.
  4. Be sure to buy pure grade essential oils for your holy anointing oil. See how you can save on doTERRA essential oils here.

Don’ts For Your DIY Holy Anointing Oil

  1. It should not be used for any other purpose, but for healing and anointing
  2. Do not use it to cook with, but consecrate it
  3. Don’t use a bottle/container that has been used before. Get a BRAND-NEW container for your holy anointing oil
  4. Don’t refrigerate
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How To Anoint Yourself With Holy Oil (Simple Instructions)

This is very simple, when anointing yourself or someone else with anointing oil you want to do the following:

  1. Use your right hand (read more about the biblical significance of the right hand)
  2. Get the holy oil and apply a cross on the forehead (directly on the skin)
  3. Repeat, I anoint you in the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit (all three in one).
  4. Proceed with your blessing or prayer
  5. End your blessing or prayer with the words, “in the name of Jesus”!

You can anoint other things besides a person with anointing oil, but it should not be used for ANY OTHER USE than for godly consecration of something or someone, healing, and anointing for Christian purposes.

For instance, I anointed my home when we first moved in and I repeat this blessing here and there for maintenance deliverance.

You can check out my house blessing guide here.

This article is all about how to make your own anointing oil at home

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Final Thoughts: How To Make Your Own Anointing Oil

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There you have it, my friend! How to make your own anointing oil at home! It’s a very easy anointing oil recipe and should take you 10 minutes to make once you have all your ingredients.

The most important thing to remember is that the power isn’t in your holy anointing oil, but in your faith, and the name of Jesus!

The blood of Jesus still has power, so be sure to always use his name when anointing and consecrating with your holy anointing oil.

You may be thinking, who am I to make an anointing oil? I’m not a priest!

Remember that you are created in God’s image and he called us to do greater works than he because he went back to the father.

You are the righteousness of God and he made you a little lower than the angels! You have every right to exercise your authority and walk in the power of the Holy spirit.

We are all God’s ambassadors on assignment!

I appreciate you being here and I hope you enjoy your holy anointing oil. Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts!

Until next time, keep growing spiritually my friend! Shalom

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How To Make Your Own Anointing Oil At Home (Anointing Oil Recipe) (2024)
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